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About Metaphysical Store

Metaphysical Store is an online store offering a range of metaphysical supplies and esoteric products for various spiritual paths: Our wicca shop / wiccan store section covers all of your witchy needs so that you never run out of witchcraft supplies again. Metaphysical store offers products for empaths and seers, tarot cards, oracle cards and divination tools. For lovers of Meditation and a Zen life style we also offer a large variety of supplies such as Tibetan bowls and incense.

If you are looking to cleanse your home, our cleansing section with white sage and more will be your ally. If you are astrology junky like us, you can also check out the recommended spiritual supplies according to your astrological sign! In times where balance is needed our crystal shop might offer the right solution, with a large collection of crystals, crystal points and crystal grids you may find it hard to pick a favourite.

Here at we believe that the connection to the occult, the mystical and spiritual, the metaphysical and divine is way of life. It is a place where metaphysical enthusiasts gather to find what and when they need it!Founded in 2020 our online store strives to find practical solutions and products for your everyday needs, a second home to Witches, Wiccans, Astrologers, spiritual enthusiasts and more. Our Metaphysical online store strives to improve the lives of customers by providing spiritual tools that can be used for daily guidance and growth. We believe that spirituality is more than a badge to wear, it is a conscious choice, a tool for self-improvement and a path of self-discovery.

While shopping for supplies with us you get free shipping on all orders (no minimum required), we are also available to answer your questions from Mon-Friday. Have questions? We are happy to help. Fill out our contact form here.