Metaphysical Store’s collection of crystals is incomparable in quality, beauty, and price. Our crystal selection features crystal clusters, grid sets, kits, crystal spheres, pointed crystals, polished & carved crystals, and tumbled crystals perfect for keeping your vibe high, energy clear, and soul healed. Whether you’re looking for healing energy, protection, or light and positivity, we have the perfect crystal for you. Whether you’re choosing your first, second, or tenth crystal, selecting a new stone can be a highly personal process. We know that shopping on the web for a crystal can remove some of this connection, so it’s our guarantee that the crystals you see on this page are the crystals you get. We don’t edit our photographs and we double- and triple-check that every crystal we send out is exactly the type that was ordered. Shipping costs for crystal orders are available at checkout, but please check our current Shipping Policy for any update on rates and shipping times. Once an order is shipped, you’ll receive a confirmation email with a shipping tracking number, so you can always know where your order is.

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