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Made from a mix of resin, quartz crystals, semi-precious stones, and metals, Organite Pyramids, sometimes referred to as Orgone Pyramids, are powerful tools for cleansing negative energies and raising the vibrational frequency of the spaces we occupy.

In Organite Pyramids, the crystals and stones are electrically charged by resin, which allows them to absorb organic energy. The metals then reflect this energy back out at a frequency of 7.83 Hz, also known as the heartbeat of the planet. Because of this, they can have profound impacts on our energies when we’re around them, allowing you to cleanse your aura and heal.

All the Organite Pyramids offered at Metaphysical Store are made to the exact specifications required of all Orgone Pyramids, but we also have several different designs to cater to your specific tastes. Get one today and change your energy.